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How Green are we?

Well it would be wrong of us to claim we are totally Green. However it is true to say we do our best to deliver a greener alternative to traditional garment cleaning methods such as Dry cleaning. We use the greenest available technology such as the Miele professional Wetcare system with its’ high tech equipment and Bio degradable detergents.

The high tech equipment uses less water, less energy and most importantly it has no requirement for solvents or chemicals in the normal wash process*.

Wet is the New Dry!

This technology has been around since 1991 but it has only come to the fore in recent years simply because the technology has now significantly advanced enough to offer a genuine alternative.  

There is and have been well documented concerns over the use of Perchloroethylene (chemical used in Dry cleaning process) for many years now and the quantity used is both licenced & controlled by local authorities in the UK & around the world. It is known to pollute the air, water and soil as well as irritate sensitive human skin.

Europe is slightly further ahead and some countries have passed legislation to remove all ‘perc’ (common name for Perchloroethylene) usage from 2020 onwards, forcing Dry cleaners to find alternative options.

There are many alternatives from Green Earth to liquid silicone that all claim in some way to being eco- friendly but the Wetcare system is the only truly eco-friendly alternative as it uses water and biodegradable detergents.

Once a garment that may have been previously dry cleaned is washed in the Wetcare system it will lose the ‘perc’ smell and the clothes will feel softer, smell better and last longer.

You will notice the difference.

Wetcare is actually better for our staff, your clothes, your skin and so much better for the environment.

In an attempt to further enhance our green credentials we have installed LED lighting and a central steam system to help with the reduction in energy usage as well as always trying to re-use poly, hangers and other consumables to reduce environmental waste.

Whilst it is not possible to be totally green in everything we do, it is true to say that we are definitely greener than the average dry cleaner.

*we may use mild water based spotting solutions on hard to remove oil based stains. This is in general on less than 3%of the garments we process each day.