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Gift Vouchers :

We are now pleased to be able to offer gift vouchers. Denominations are in £5, £10 & £20. A great gift that could also help friends and relatives with the weekly domestics. So give to someone who could do with a break from the household chores, partner, relatives or friend. What about some vouchers as a gift for Christmas!

Laundry Tips:

The following simple points will help you get a better ironing finish

1. Try not to leave garments in a washing machine for too long after programme is finished as this overly creases the fabric.

2. Shirts & Blouses –better results are produced if hang dry at room temperature. Only use the machine dryer to ‘finish’ drying.

3. If garments are to be ironed ‘later’ then fold neatly. This stops them getting too creased.

4. Always check labels for washing and ironing instructions

5. Always wash at the lowest possible temperatures. Over time higher temperatures do damage to fibres in the fabric.

6. Always use the amount instructed on the detergent packaging. Using too much does not necessarily clean better. It often leaves residue on clothes that look like white water marks. This is because the detergent has not been able to dissolve sufficiently.

7. Remember when using stain removal products that too much is not good for the fabric. Most stain removal products use a bleaching agent.

8. Do not leave garments in poly covering due to potential condensation. This can damage and or make your garments smell.

The best laundry tip we can give is to let us, the professionals handle it all for you